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RFC1766 International Language Identification Downloadable Stores

System Requirements:

  • A Language Code Problem
  • Text/CSV Viewer, Excel 2003, Access 2003

The Problem:

If you have ever been mildly curious in the language ID listing, or ever engaged in a project where language identification was important having to come up with a digital list of the language can be a time consuming business.

This article simply saves you the time, having had me spend the time compile the list for you!

The Fix:

If you need the language list, you can use my files below as a base for your project.

The data source has been taken from Microsoft Windows XP's registry, so any errors are universally Microsoft's problem if indeed there are any.

I have made the following three files available:

  • Comma Separated Variable (CSV) Text File
  • Office Excel 2003 Spreadsheet
  • Office Access 2003 Database

The CSV contains:

  1. Hex Code
  2. Language Code
  3. Language Description

The Spreadsheet and MDB Database contain:

  1. Hex Code (Key)
  2. Decimal Code
  3. Octal Code
  4. Language Code
  5. Language Description


Download: CSV (7KB) | Excel 2003 (35KB) | Access 2003 (148KB)

You may also be interested in my stores for ISO 3166-1 Country Codes.


Article Published: Saturday, 30 June, 2007
Article Revision Date: Sunday, 26 September, 2010

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